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Founded in 1979 by Jim Belford Sr., J&L Fasteners was created to provide industrial companies and manufacturers in the Chicagoland area with their fastener needs. J&L started out in a 4500 sq. foot building in East Chicago, Indiana with only a handful of employees. J&L Fasteners is happy and blessed to be able to say that we have been a family-owned and operated business since our founding in 1979. Jim Belford Sr. retired in 1994. He left full ownership to his son, Jim Belford.

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J&L Fastener Logo Today
J&L Fasteners Logo Today


J&L Fasteners has grown into a full line Fastener, Hose, and MRO Supply distribution center.  With the addition of the J&L Machine Shop in 2021, we have further enhanced our ability to provide elite customer service to the industrial market.  J&L Fasteners has also expanded our presence from the Chicagoland area into Indianapolis, IN and Cleveland, OH. We feel honored to have had the opportunity throughout the years to partner with many local organizations and work with them as they strive to make a difference in our communities. J&L Fasteners is truly blessed to be able to do what we do.  As we move forward at J&L Fasteners, we are dedicated to staying on mission by working diligently to build and maintain healthy partnerships and continuing to trust God along the way.


At J&L Fasteners, our mission is to continuously develop and maintain healthy partnerships in business and community.  We work with our partners to identify and provide solutions to their needs.  

There are 4 key partnerships we focus on at J&L Fasteners: 

J&L          J&L

This is where it all begins!  Our owner, Jim Belford, always says “If home base is not healthy, nothing we try to accomplish will work”.  This statement has turned into a business principle that we have adopted here at J&L.  Our goal, first and foremost, is to have healthy partnerships within the walls of J&L.

J&L          Customers

Customers are clearly vital to J&L.  However, we take a slightly different approach. We focus on understanding each customer's needs. This is how we form healthy J&L to customer partnerships. Our goal is to work with our customers to become an essential part of their business operations.

J&L          Vendors

Healthy vendor partnerships allow J&L to bring better service to our customers. Our goal is to bring to our customers the products and services that they need.  Healthy vendor partnerships enhance our ability to do just that!

J&L          Community

We believe that God has strategically placed us in the areas we are in. A big part of our mission is to partner with different organizations in our communities and do what we can to help them fulfill their missions. We are blessed and honored to do so!

Building Partnerships.

Have a question? Need a product? We would love to hear from you! 


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